Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Getting Published

Final Edits, Check!

I am very close to completing the book publishing process. Saving Toby will soon be available in paperback. The publishing company I am working with hasn't given me a date yet, so I don't know if it'll make it out before the holidays.

I almost hope, for my family's sake, it isn't available until after the New Year. It took a lot of effort and time to promote Saving Toby in its current ebook format. Knowing it will soon be available in physical form, is a whole new level of excitement, but it will require a great deal of focus.

Writers who get traditionally published have the expertise of agents and publishing houses to back up their work.

I am Self-Published. Some might call me an Indie Author.

While I pay an editor to work with me, when it comes down to it, as a self-published author, I am responsible for every aspect of the book. (It even says so in the book publisher's contract.)

Not only am I the writer, but the promoter, and seller, too. Right or wrong, I have the final say. There is no professional guiding me. I have literally spent months on researching promotional avenues for the ebook. To get my book into readers' hands, I will have to do the same for the paperback.

As I try to focus on writing my second novel, my attention is frequently diverted to publishing and promotional concerns on the first. It's times like these that I envy traditionally published writers. What great pleasure it would be to let someone else deal with the drama of sales and reviews while I close myself in and concentrate on lives of my newest characters.

There is no doubt, being an Indie Author is labor-intensive. In deference to traditional publishing, though, I write what I want to write. As a writer, there has been no sweeter moments then when readers have contacted me to say how much the story meant to them or that it touched them.

Along with all the work, the praise, too, is solely my own.