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Summer Read-a-Thon

I was invited to join the blog, Seasons of Reading's "High Summer Read-a-Thon." It's not a contest, but an inspiration to read.

A quote from the event's organizer, Michelle, True Book Addict:
"I hope you're ready to take a much needed break from your summer whirlwind, jump in the hammock and get some good reading in. I know I am!"

The official dates are July 20th through the 26th. Sign up at the Seasons of Reading blog here:

Hope you will join us, and read! 

Up first on my TBR is "Ugly Love" by Colleen Hoover. This New Adult book is one of Hoover's newest and has gotten lots of love from readers. I enjoyed the last book I read by this author, "Maybe Someday." Hoover writes 3-D characters that her readers get emotionally invested in.

I've read some negative reviews of Ugly Love, but they haven't deterred me. If anything, they've made more curious to read the book and see if I …

Indie Pride Day

Wednesday, July 1st is worldwide #IndieBooksBeSeen Pride Day, a day where independent authors hit the social media airwaves and make ourselves known. If you're a self-pub author, take a photo of yourself with your book(s) and hashtag it #indiebooksbeseen. If you reader, help support the movement by reading indie authors! 

We're growing in numbers. Join the movement!
On Facebook: IndieBooksBeSeen FaceBook
On Twitter: #IndiePrideDay OR #IndieBooksBeSeen
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