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Slow Down Ahead

A note from the author
My Friends: The release of my debut novel, “Saving Toby” has been the most incredible journey! I have been stopped by people in my hometown, contacted through Facebook, emailed, and been private messaged by readers who fell in love with my characters and were moved by the story. There is nothing quite like having someone gush about your work. I truly feel blessed by the amazing reviews and outpouring of love that have followed the release of the novel.

I am currently working on the sequel, “Keeping Claudia,” but writing a book is a huge undertaking, especially for a slow, measured writer like myself. At times, I envy those authors who can crank out a novel every few months, but unfortunately, I will never be one of them.
I apologize for making readers wait for the continuation of Toby and Claudia’s story, but I am deeply passionate about crafting the best possible work I can before it goes out for public consumption.
Please know I am in the trenches with my favor…