Monday, April 27, 2015

Meet Author Beem Weeks


Author Beem Weeks is the indie author of the historical fiction/coming-of-age novel, Jazz Baby, a book quoted as being "wonderfully authentic" and the author a "magician with words."


While all Mississippi bakes in the scorching summer of 1925, a sudden orphanhood casts its icy shadow across Emily Ann Teegarten, a pretty young teen. Taken in by an aunt bent on ridding herself of this unexpected burden, "Baby" Teegarten plots her escape using the only means at her disposal: a voice that makes church ladies cry and angels take notice. "I'm gonna sing jazz up to New York City," she brags to anybody who'll listen. 'Cept that Big Apple-well, it's an awful long way from that dry patch of earth she used to call home. So when the smoky stages of New Orleans speakeasies give a whistle, offering all kinda shortcuts, Emily soon learns it's the whorehouses and drug joints promising to tickle more than just a young girl's fancy that can dim a spotlight . . . and knowing the wrong people can snuff it out. Jazz Baby just wants to sing-not fight to stay alive.

With 57 reviews, Jazz Baby ranks a 4.7 out of 5 stars! 
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I met Beem through Rave Reviews Book Club, a virtual book club made up of networking authors and readers who help promote each other. Beem is not just a RRBC member, though; he has taken on the position of Review Coordinator for the club. In getting to know Beem, I've found that he is not only an indie-author, but a staunch supporter of other indie-authors. He's surely a guy you want to call friend. 

Beem has built an online presence through Twitter and by hosting a blog page, entitled appropriately enough, "Beem's Blog, It's all about the indie!" ( On his blog, Beem talks about his experiences with writing and self-publishing, and offers some advice. He is also kind enough to highlight other independently-published authors, giving his peers a chance to talk about their books and tell a little bit about their creative process, or in some cases, be a little silly.

Beem's been writing since he was a kid and says among his literary influences are Daniel Woodrell, Barbara Kingsolver, and Stephen Geez. As a teenager and young adult, he wrote concert and record reviews for a small publication. 

Along with Jazz Baby, Beem has also authored several short stories, poems, essays, and recently released a short story collection entitled Slivers of Life

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